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  Following is a partial list of more than 100 awards and prizes that Frances has won over the years.
  1. 14 $1.00 Prizes for poems, stories, and drawings (14-16 years old) Duluth Herald, MN.
  2. Smith-Corona Typewriter
    ... First prize in creative puzzle contest (about 18 years old)
  3. Four First Prizes for four drawings
    ...Wadena County Fair
    , Wadena, MN.
  4. Diamond Watch ...
    ...Solving some sort of puzzle
  5. All-Expense Cruise for Two ... One Week on Georgian Bay, Michigan ... From Detroit Art School
    ... took my roommate Nancy ... for letter of some sort.
  6. Cock-A-Doodle-Do (child's book illustrated by Frances Wosmek) ... Chosen by a committee of Al. Division of Libraries for children and young people ... to be included in CARE distribution to all countries around the world in which CARE operates.
  7. 17" Crosley Television
  8. RCA Victor Table Radio
    ... I like radio because: "A dirty sink.. and unmade bed.. and cereal spooned on baby's head.. but, Ah! My voice is soft and low .. to match the mood on my radio ... etc."
  9. Yankee Scribblers .. First prize for story ... The Outsider
  10. $1000 First Prize ... Home Beautiful Contest in Boston Sunday Globe ... Decorating any part of one's home ... Attic designed with under-water theme .. Sea-Suite
  11. Letter of the Day
    Boston Yankee Network radio station
  12. Washer and Dryer First Prize
    Better Living Magazine Design a Nursery for Better Living (National)  for "The Robin Room"
  13. $10 (7th prize) for Flower Arrangement contest
  14. All American Family Award
    For an essay about her family. Experts from the University of Pennsylvania and the Book of Knowledge Encyclopedia selected the family to represent Massachusetts. They were flown to Florida, with families from all 50 states, were paraded, featured on the radio, met and discussed the future of the American family and were eventually chosen as one of the top 10 families in the United States.
  15. One Year's Membership to the Armed Forces Writer's League and a Subscription to the Armed Force Writer for The Outsider (magazine)
  16. Panasonic Transistor Radio for Talk of the Town contest
  17. Library Edition of The Lamb Cook Book (!)
    Station WORL, Boston... Daily winner in American Lamb Council Contest.
  18. Pink Champagne Party for 12.
    (I forget!)
  19. Award of Merit (twice)
    Gloucester Civic and Garden Council 1993) ... for window box planting
  20. Second Prize for Photography
    Magnolia Art Exhibit
  21. People's Choice Awards 
    Magnolia Art Exhibit ... for woodcut of mother and child
  22. A Notable Book in the Social Sciences and on the Master List of three states. A Brown Bird Singing ... re-issued as a Beech Tree paperback. It was included on the national list of recommended paperbacks in a literacy program for teens.
  23. In the Space of a Wink
    Was read in two segments on Boston Public Radio
  24. Edgar Allen Poe Award
    by Mystery Writer's of America  for Mystery of the Eagle's Claw
  25. Thunder on Sunday
    Prize for short story at the Marblehead Art Exhibit
  26. $50 First Prize
    Gloucester Daily Times ... for Christmas story ... Provoking Thought
  27. $75 First Prize
    For Christmas Story, Christmas in Fairyland ... Salem Evening News
  28. Third prize for poem
    Gloucester Daily Times
  29. People's Choice Award
    Magnolia Art Show ... wood cut of girl and bumblebee
  30. $40 First Prize
    Woodcut at Magnolia Art Show (grandfather reading to two young boys).



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